Hi! I'm zara

Energy Healer & Self Love Coach

> I'm here to help you have the healthiest relationships of your life (yourself included) keep scrolling to learn more about relationship coaching and energy healing sessions

Your journey


healthy relationships

begins with


i'm here

to help


  • Heal old emotional baggage that is holding you back in your relationships so that you can be emotionally available for yourself and your partners
  • Overcome insecurities and jealousy so that you can experience genuine compersion
  • Heal old harmful wounds around your gender, sexuality and monogamy so you can trade your feelings of guilt and shame for feelings of freedom and pleasure
  • Heal your relationship with yourself - you can only love others deeply when you genuinely accept and love yourself
  • Discover your expectations and limits so that you can clearly communicate your boundaries to create a thriving relationship

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Sessions with me are highly personalized

and can include:

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  • Helping you release emotional baggage from the past
  • Rewrite healthy patterns for your future
  • Energy healing in the body

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  • Understanding your basic astrology
  • Soothing nervous system responses (fight, flight, freeze and/or fawn)
  • How to create and implement healthy boundaries

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  • Chakra Alignment
  • Safe space to process your feelings about your non monogamous relationships with someone who understands
  • Oracle card readings

Read the reviews

"Zara's knowledge of energy healing is both practical and comforting. We began working with her at a time when my family and I had very little understanding of how energy worked. She did an incredible job of explaining how emotions can get stuck in our bodies, causing energy to become blocked. She taught us how simple it is to use our powerful intention to remove them. She has done sessions with my husband, myself, and all of our children. Her skills helped to bring insight and healing to a vast array of situations ranging from a gallbladder bladder attack to nightmares. Her work was also an integral part of our journey to financial breakthrough. If you are feeling stuck for any reason, I highly recommend working with Zara! She has a genuine passion and gifting to empower you wherever you find yourself on your journey of healing and growth."

"It's so nice to have a healing session with soemone who actually understands my relationships dynamics for once with no judgment. Highly recommend!"

"After every session, I feel lighter!"

"Zara makes me feel so safe and truly SEEN."

"Thank you!! This session helped so much!! This morning I was literally so confused as to how to process this situation, now I feel reassured on how to navigate it!!”

"Zara is an incredible healer and guide. She is very in tune and receptive."

A little

about Zara

Emotion Code Practitioner &

Co Creator of the ‘Intro to Polyamory’ Course

Hi!! Let's dive right in - I grew up in an extremely christian household and was raised in purity culture. I married (and divorced) a monogamous man and then later realized I am very non-monogamous and pansexual. I am a single mom to 1 son that I homeschool. My healing journey has brought me down many exciting (and painful) paths which have resulted in me becoming an energy healer & coach. I absolutely adore helping people heal and find themselves. I cannot wait to meet you!

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We will be a great fit for working together if any of the following apply to you:

  • deconstructing from religion/healing from purity culture
  • enjoy the metaphysical (energy healing, witchy practices..)
  • are exploring polyamory or non-monogamy
  • ADHD/neurodivergent
  • healing from divorce
  • single parenting & gentle/respectful parenting

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While the healing journey can seem like an overwhelming process at first glance,

you don't have to do it alone

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I like to remind my clients that this is truly a journey.

Habits that have taken years to create cannot be undone in mere minutes - however, we can commit to putting one foot in front of the other - simply one step at a time - until we arrive at the results we desire

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I am here to help you curate the perfect healing plan for YOU.

Everyone's path is different and yours deserves a plan that is just as unique as you are

book a discovery session

During this session we will get to spend some time getting to know each other over a Video Call (all sessions are virtual) & begin your healing journey! You will get to share your unique story with me, ask me any questions you may have, and together we will create a plan to help you achieve the healthiest relationships of your life - with yourself and others! Discovery sessions are a one time fee of $77 for a 1 hour call. We will create a session package including frequency of sessions and finances that works for you (you are under no obligation to purchase future sessions)

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I only accept a few clients at a time to make sure you receive the attention you need - you will have the option to add text support to your session plan. This includes access to me via texting during my business hours throughout the week if you have any questions or need additional support

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MY BOOKS ARE CURRENTLY OPEN FOR NEW CLIENTS - if you are interested, I recommend booking asap as these spots fill quickly

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How To Book Your Session :

Simply text 863.241.3420 and say

Hi my name is _______ and I would like to book a discovery session with you!

After receiving your text, we will select a time that works for both of us and I will send you an invoice.

Looking forward to connecting with you!!